A value that i stand for, Equality. After the Cheerdance Competition of the UAAP, I was very amazed about how the UP Pep Squad did their presentation. It was  as smoothly as it was supposed to be for the team even if they did not get the title of being a champion. The Team still stand up and made a memorable result after the said event. The UP students want these generation to be as equal as possible. For them, asking for fairness is the most important thing that we should consider nowadays. No hardships or conflicts can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men.


Silip@Lente Deep Focus: In the Generation of Digital Shift In Film making speaker: (Mr. Carlo Mendoza)

Silip@Lente Deep Focus: In the Generation of Digital Shift In Film making
(Mr. Carlo Mendoza)

One great event was held last august 19′ 2014 in OZ AVR at Adamson University by SILIP@LENTE Organization. The second speaker of the said event is a cinematographer named CARLO MENDOZA. He discussed about the importance of his career and why he has chosen this field. Some of the students had a hard time understanding what was being discussed because they are taking up different courses, but the good thing about it is that they still participated.

Encouragement to others is the main goal of the organization for the event to be successful. After the event, most of the students learned great and new ideas just by listening to the speakers. It was really an eye opening affair.


Every morning i start off with a good head on my shoulders. I just find myself happy with the simple things around me. I am the kind of person who occupies myself in between bedtime and waking up. I’m someone who loves to focus on the real things around me and the real people that surrounds me. I don’t spend much time trying to fix myself just to look cool. I stay true to myself and my own style. I keep on reminding myself everyday that ‘this day i am going to learn more and ill start by listening’. It’s just my own way of expressing myself as i move around. 🙂